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Updated WEB pages (CMS): 2
bullet point 20/01/2022
bullet point 14/12/2021
LAERTE (energy) DRAFT (438)
New documents in Repository: 1
bullet point 18/10/2021
SW456-004 - Tool_for_energy_consumption_reduction_SET
Updated documents in Repository: 2
bullet point 23/11/2021
DI213-012 - Presentazione POLIS-EYE x LABTERRimini
bullet point 04/11/2021
WP224-039 - architettura dati
Results: 2
bullet point 20/10/2021
SET TOOL 4.0 for energy consumption reduction
bullet point 13/10/2021
SET - energy Saving and Efficiency Tool
Projects: 1
bullet point 21/01/2022
DARE - DARE Digital environment for collaborative Alliances to Regenerate urban Ecosystems in middlesized cities (Ambiente digitale per alleanze collaborative al fine di rigenerare ecosistemi urbani in citt medie)
Bibliography: 4
bullet point 20/01/2022
A Comprehensive PED-Database for Mapping and Comparing Positive Energy Districts Experiences at European Level.
bullet point 19/01/2022
Characterization of WEEE plastics and their potential valorisation through the production of 3D printing filaments
bullet point 04/01/2022
Definitions of Positive Energy Districts: A Review of the Status Quo and Challenges
bullet point 19/10/2021
Distributed ledgers to support revenue-sharing business consortia: a Hyperledger-based implementation


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