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ICP-MS triple quadrupole as analytical technique to define trace and ultra-trace fingerprint of extra virgin olive oil
Authors Telloli C, Tagliavini S, Passarini F, Salvi A, Rizzo A  Year 2023
Pubblication type Paper International Journal with referee
Abstract Extra virgin olive oil is a typical product of Mediterranean area, and its origin protection is continuously improved. 24 olive oil samples from different geographical origin were analyzed and 40 elements were evaluated with chemometric techniques. This study aims at elaborating a method to determine mineral composition of this matrix and at validating the method used to determine its reliability. The high-level laboratory facilities for trace element/isotopic analysis realized in ENEA Brasimone (Italy) is a useful tool to reduce the limit of detection of elements, cutting down pollutants. Both Clean Laboratory for sample pre-treatment and Clean Room Standard ISO 6 are constantly monitored to guarantee the control quality. The results obtained using ICP-MS Triple Quadrupoles show changes between the analysed samples. Finally, Principal Component Analysis was conducted to better characterize olive oil products from different geographical origin, providing a fingerprint of the element patterns in the samples.
Reference Food Chemistry - Volume 402, 15 February 2023, 134247
WEB Reference https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0308814622022099?dgcid=author
Research unit TRAC
Keywords Traceability; Extra virgin olive oil; ICP-MS-QQQ; Rare earth element
LastUpdate 21/09/2022
Related research topics
Code Topic Description
4.2 Isotopic Traceability of products Isotopic techniques for checking product's origin

impact factor Vero
ReferenzaUnivoca https://doi.org/10.1016/j.foodchem.2022.134247






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