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TECHNOLOGY IS FASHIONABLE: Technology Innovation pillows for Fashion in Emilia Romagna September 26, 2017
26/09/2017   Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini via d’Azeglio, 41Bologna  Time 16.00
Within the "Bologna Design Week" event will be held the meeting "TECHNOLOGY IS FASHIONABLE: technology Innovation pillows for Fashion in Emilia Romagna". The fashion in Emilia Romagna is mainly a system made by operators who follow the whole chain, from technological and cultural research, to raw materials, packaging, to organized and digital distribution. This ability to be present throughout the chain crystallizes the connection between Culture, Creativity and Industry that Emilia Romagna Region has chosen to support as a strategic development and internationalization area.
This is the first event that witnesses the rise of Value Chain Fashion within the ICC Regional Cluster.

"Technology innovation pills for fashion in Emilia Romagna"
26th September, 2017 at 16:00
Former Bastardini Hospital
Via d'Azeglio, 41Ore 16.00

- Flaviano Celaschi, President Clust-ER Creative Cultural Industries
Institutional greetings

- Piero De Sabbata, Chair Value Chain Fashion-ER Valley (ENEA)
Introduction Value Chain Fashion

- Sergio Petronilli, ENEA, DTE-SEN-CROSS
3D and Mass Customization: Innovation experiences for the Fashion Accessories and Jewelery Industry

- Massimiliano Fantini, Rinnova - Romagna Innovation
Vision system for quality control in the footwear sector: the Giglioli Production case

- Joanna Maria Malicka, MIST E-R
Wearing the future. With the weareable technology becomes fashion

- Fabio Massaccesi, Fashion Research Italy
The archive as a software for the fashion business

- Gustavo Marfia, University of Bologna
Presentation of the Master's Degree in Design and Technologies for Fashion Communication

- Costantino Grana, Softech-ICT, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Fashion on the Web

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