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Luxury Fashion Management: the Fifth International Luxury Fashion Management Conference
27/11/2017   Milano
The Sixth International Workshop on Luxury Retail, Operations and Supply Chain Management is to be held in Milano on November 27-28, 2017.
The luxury fashion is a big, growing and dynamic industry in which market changes, firms, and products occur rapidly. Recent research in luxury retail and operations has revealed new applications, contexts, and theory, and this represents a fertile ground for operations management researchers.

Yet, despite the proliferation of publications dealt with the complexity of luxury management, there is still lack of evidences to generate concrete suggestions, and support managerial choices in terms of operational aspects. Given that supply chains and operations are the backbone for luxury fashion companies to grow, the development of new retail, operations and supply chain management strategies is needed. Luxury fashion management is affected by both intra organisational issues such as product quality and inter organisational issues such as logistics operations.

To this end, the interdependence between numerous disciplines should be critically analysed in the process of how luxury fashion businesses could jointly or consequently increase the value. The product development, in which a number of substantial factors are addressed such as the flexibility of delivery issues, the size of batches to be processed, stock outs, and end-of-season discounts, must be further elaborated. Sustainability based concerns have surfaced to portray the unspeakable impacts of luxury fashion. Brand collaborations, innovation management, outsourcing strategies, contract design and network coordination, interface of retail operations are a few examples of the myriad of significant topics that require further investigation. There is a visible need to collect novel studies on new and significant research developments with regard to luxury retail, operations and supply chain management.

Starting from a multidisciplinary approach, the International Workshop on Luxury Retail, Operations and Supply Chain Management, for its sixth edition this year, aims to gather and present novel models for the luxury (fashion) industry and to disseminate knowledge in an international community consisting of researchers and practitioners. Authors are invited to submit their original research relevant to the conference themes. The papers must be written in English. The template for abstract submission can be downloaded from the conference website. Authors will receive detailed feedback upon their abstract submission, and each full paper will be peer-reviewed by the scientific community.
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