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In Bologna at R2B 2018 fashion industry gains more and more space
07/06/2018   R2B, fiera di Bologna
At R2B 2018, the event organized by the Emilia-Romagna Region, Smau and Aster (Regional Consortium for Innovation), focused on the industry of the future, the fashion industry theme conquers new space with two meetings: a seminar with debate on megatrends, digitization and research skills available for the fashion industry in the region and a presentation of regional start-ups with their technological proposals for fashion.

The 2018 edition of R2B was successfully held, with two meetings entirely dedicated to research and innovation for the fashion industry and its digitalisation.
In 2017 a first conference was held in R2B together with a Match Making initiative with the contribution of the European initiatives RegioTex and Watify, focused on the presentation of ongoing European projects dedicated to the Fashion chain ( see here for more information ).
This year, two meetings have been dedicated to the fashion industry and they began to gather how much the Region and ASTER, together with the high technology network, produce with the FASHION VALLEY initiative and with the CLUST-ERs from the regional territory, without losing the European and international horizon.


In particular in CLUST-ER of the Cultural and Creative Industries, a table has been developed (value chain) dedicated to fashion (Fashion-ER Valley) in which there are several regional laboratories, including ENEA CROSS-TEC which coordinates the table, which have contributed to the emergence of the assets and opportunities of fashion in the region.


On June 7th 2018 at the seminar "Fashion in Emilia-Romagna: development scenarios and skills to support innovation in the sector" two important results were presented of an analysis carried out within the Regional Fashion initiative: Barbara Busi and Martina Lodi of ASTER presented a recent analysis of the megatrends and their expected impacts in the fashion world just conducted in the region, with a specific focus on how the industries of the region can defend or better seize the opportunities that arise; a second result presented is the map of the research laboratories in the region able to contribute to innovation in fashion; a map indicating the different laboratories, their skills and projects currently underway.

The second part of the seminar saw a round table moderated by Ilaria Vesentini, Il Sole24Ore, which was participated by Aldo Tempesti, National Technological Cluster Made in Italy, Flaviano Celaschi, Clust-ER Cultural and Creative Industries and University of Bologna, Andrea Veroni, CIO of Liu Jo, Luigi Clivati, PIKKART, Angela Pavese, Networking Blogger, and was concluded with an intervention by Palma Costi, Councilor for Productive Activities of the Emilia Romagna Region.

The seminar "Fashion and Industry 4.0 the start-ups supporting the sector's innovation" of 8 June focused precisely on start-ups in the region with the aim of understanding how the start-ups of the territory can support companies in the sector; in particular, two were very focused on technologies that turned out to be complementary:
Luigi Clivati, of PIKKART, has presented a company specialized in augmented reality technologies and holder of an interesting steganographic technology that allows to insert marks and identification numbers inside images without these being visible for those without recognition algorithms ( the idea is that they can play a role in the preservation of serial identification codes in analogy to RFID, QR-CODE and NFC technologies);
Claudio Berti, from CTO - GETCOO, presented its refined image recognition technologies with their uses in the industrial and shopping fields, including a very interesting one that in an integrated way proposes the recognition of an article already starting from the window and the consequent access to information on the article via mobile application.
A characteristic feature declared by both companies was the ability to compete on the international scene with the big international technology and the willingness to test their technology on a wide range of concrete application cases.







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