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International conference 'eBIZ Fashion Forum' Frankfurt, September 19th.
19/09/2018   Francoforte
GCS Consulting, with the support of ENEA and Euratex, organizes the international conference 'eBIZ Fashion Forum', which will take place in Frankfurt the next September 19th.

The conference aims at involving bigger players of the Fashion industry to face with a common strategy the new challenges of inter-company collaborations for the global fashion sector, where the digitization is changing the rules and structures and is leading to constantly changing challenges in business models, processes, IT systems and mechanize flows combined with increasing speed.

The conference rises in the framework of eBIZ-4.0 European project (COSME Programme), with a focus on German fashion market, but involving also participants from the rest of Europe and world.

A summary: QUO VADIS fashion indyustry?

From eBIZ Fashion Forum an open perspective for the fashion industry: 64 experts from IT, Material Supply, Manufacturing, Brand, Retail, Associations shared their insights in an open and constructive atmosphere at the conference organized by GCS with the support of EURATEX and ENEA in the framework of the project eBIZ 4.0.

The challenge is a medium-term approach for the issues of the fashion industry that is threatened by monopolistic ePlatforms (i.e. Amazon and AliBaba), logic- and system breaks, lacking rules and incomplete best practices/standards and missing real time technologies and as a result increasing complexity of the processes in the omnichannel and customisation perspectives.

The conference, hold in Frankfurt on September 19th 2018, was the point of arrival of the work launched by a collaboration between eBIZ 4.0 project (ebiz-tcf.eu), specifically ENEA, and GCS Consulting (GCS Consulting GmbH, München, Germany, schneider@gcs-consulting.de). The aim was to verify the potential of eBIZ for the German fashion industry and understand the industry requirements relevant within this country in a wider European perspective.

The activity was structured on three steps:

-  market and business scenarios analysis in Germany on perspective of eBIZ and RFID technologies adoption (including interviews to a focus group of relevant stakeholders)

  • definition of a potential scenario for the adoption of eBIZ as part of a platform for the fashion industry in Germany

  • presentation of the study’s results and the potential scenario at the conference 'eBIZ & GCS Fashion Forum' in Frankfurt in order to discuss its outcomes and get feedbacks.

The conference was concluded by the proposal of the 'Initiative - Connection Textile Sector' for creating a Digital Master Plan for the sector.

For more information:

  • Read the detailed conference outcomes from the report HERE

  • Where is and where is eBIZ going? see the technical slides of the conference in Frankfurt slides
  • .

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