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Bruxelles, Final plenary meeting of the CEN eBIZ Workshop
26/06/2013   Stanhope Hotel, Rue Du Commerce 9 1000 Brussels  Time 10
Final plenary meeting of the CEN eBIZ Workshop.
Participation to the full meeting is free of charges and restricted to the member of the CEN eBIZ Workshop.
Registration end on June 24th

The agenda features a concise overview of the eBIZ progresses notably on the Reference Architecture and on Communication.

The meeting offers the last opportunity to discuss and comment on the Architecture ahead of its final release as CEN WORKSHOP AGREEMENT formalised the meeting.

The meeting offers the opportunity for the Workshop Members to present their business interests in adopting or promoting eBIZ; finally it introduces the next eBIZ actions and governance.

Opening address

Antonio Conte, European Commission
Francesco Marchi, EURATEX CEN eBIZ Workshop Chairman

Roll call of participants

All participants

eBIZ progresses in 2012-2013

Mauro Scalia, EURATEX, eBIZ Team Coordinator

The NEW eBIZ Reference Architecture and the online validation tool (slide)

Piero De Sabbata, ENEA eBIZ Team member

Insights on the progresses

Martin Baker, Tor Information Systems; Enrique Montiel, INESCOP; Andreas Schneider, GCS; eBIZ Team Members

Comments from all participants

Formal Workshop procedures: review of comments and CWA Approval

Rafael Postigo AENOR – All participants

The next phase of eBIZ, support to eBusiness for fashion and the Architecture upgrading

Mauro Scalia

Driving the next phase, Business cases on eBIZ implementation across Europe

Leif Roen, I.Level (UK); Francis Jacob, Schaeffer Productique (FR); Cèsar Toscano, INESC Porto and Creative Systems (PT); Rudolf Behrens, GS1 Germany (DE)

Informazioni alla stampa (IT) (DI511-092)
Press Information (EN) (DI511-091)






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