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Topic code
1.1.1. Energy from organic mass
Energy from organic mass
Related Projects
Acronym Project Abstract url_reference end_date
+GAS The project proposes a system for energy storage that allows to convert electric energy pe(...) 31/12/2018
GoBioM http://gobiom.crpa.it 31/05/2018

Research units working on the topic
Unit Research unit long name Laboratory In short URL
LITE3R Laboratorio industriale tecnologie energetiche ENEA Emilia-Romagna Home page CROSS-TEC laboratory (ICT and ENERGY)

Produced bibliography on the topic
Year Title Reference Publication type
2014 Evaluation of aeration pretreatment to prepare an inoculum for the two-stage hydrogen and methane production process. Giordano A., Sarli V., Lavagnolo M.C., Spagni A., 2014.
Bioresource Technology, 166: 211-218....
Paper International Journal with referee
2014 Thermophilic two-phase anaerobic digestion of source-sorted organic fraction of municipal solid waste for bio-hythane production: Effect of recirculation sludge on process stability and microbiology over a long-term pilot-scale experience Giuliano, A., Zanetti, L., Micolucci, F., Cavinato, C.
Water Science and Technology Volume 69, Issu...
Paper International Journal with referee
2013 Innovative two-stage anaerobic process for effective codigestion of cheese whey and cattle manure. Bertin L., Grilli S., Spagni A., Fava F., 2013.
Bioresource Technology, 128: 779-783....
Paper International Journal with referee
2013 Enhanced methane production from rice straw co-digested with anaerobic sludge from pulp and paper mill treatment process. Mussoline W., Esposito G., Lens P., Spagni A., Giordano A., 2013.
Bioresource Technology, 148: 135-...
Paper International Journal with referee
2013 Thermophilic two phase anaerobic digestion of SS-OFMSW for bio-hythane production: effect of recirculation sludge and microbiology in a long-term pilote scale experience Zanetti, L., Giuliano, A., Bolzonella, D., Micolucci, F., Cavinato, C., Pavan, P.
World Congress on...
Paper International Conference with referee
2013 Ottimizzazione dei processi di digestione anaerobica di matrici ad elevata biodegradabilità Giuliano, A.
Bioenergy, Biomasse e rinnovabili Cremona Fiere 28 Febbraio 1 – 2 Marzo 2013....
2013 Soluzioni per incrementare la resa in metano delle biomasse: risultati preliminari dell’applicazione del pretrattamento enzimatico in un impianto a biogas in scala reale Petta, L., Giuliano, A., Porzio, V., Gamberini, P.
Terra e Vita N. 29-30/2013...
Paper National Journal with referee
2013 Co-digestion of livestock effluents, energy crops and agro-waste: Feeding and process optimization in mesophilic and thermophilic conditions. Giuliano, A., Bolzonella, D., Pavan, P., Cavinato, C., Cecchi, F.
Bioresource Technology Volume 128...
Paper International Journal with referee
2012 Evaluation of the treatability of pre-digested distillery wastewater through MBR and chemical post-treatment. Petta L., Saturno D., Puccetti M., Farina R., Spagni A., 2012.
Oral presentation. Proceedings of t...
Paper International Conference with referee
2012 From lab-scale to full-scale biogas plants. In: Birefinery: from biomass to chemicals and fuels. Farina R., Spagni A., 2012.
Aresta M., Dibenedetto A., Dumeignil F. (Eds), De Gruyter, Berlin. Pp....
Book chapter
2012 Stato dell’arte e ottimizzazione di processo per la produzione di bio-hythane dalla FORSU Giuliano, A., Cavinato, C., Pavan, P., Bolzonella, D., Cecchi, F.
16°Fiera internazionale ECOMONDO ...
Paper National Conference with referee






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