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BIBLIOGRAFIA prodotta dal laboratorio

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Standard creation and adoption for SME networks
Autori P. De Sabbata, N.Gessa, A.Brutti, C.Novelli, A.Frascella, G.D'Agosta  Anno 2010
Tipologia Articolo Conferenza internazionale con referaggio
Abstract This paper presents the experience that is running in the Textile, Clothing and Footwear industry under the framework of the European project eBIZ-TCF as a case of
standardisation in industrial sectors that are characterised by the large presence of SMEs.
The activities are presented in connection with previous initiatives that constitute the industrial and technological background of such initiative.
In fact it is a long way that leaded the actors of the project to identify the requirements and remove the bottlenecks that hamper eBusiness adoption in a crucial part of the European manufacturing industry.
Referenza_Bibliografica P. De Sabbata, N.Gessa, A.Brutti, C.Novelli, A.Frascella, G.D'Agosta,"Standard creation and adoption for SME networks", in "Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications", proceedings of the Workshops and the Doctorial Symposium of the I-ESA International Conference 2010 (Workshop: Standards - a foundation for Interoperability), Coventry, April 13th 2010, pp. 41-51, edited by Hervè Panetto, Nacer Boudjlida, ISTE/Wiley, June 2010, ISBN 978-1-84821-270-1
Riferimento WEB 2 Research Gate
Riferimento repository PDF DI720-025 (pdf)
Unita di Ricerca X-LAB
Keywords eBusiness, standards, networked business, Textile Clothing Industry, ebXML, UBL, SME
LastUpdate 15/12/2011
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3.1.1 Standard eBusiness Standard eBusiness
I.1 Innovazione nell'Industria del FASHION Innovazione nell'Industria della MODA

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