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CROSS Centro innovazione
Acronym CROSS
Abstract Regional Technology Transfer Center.
Textile-clothing, agro-food and mechanical sector, awareness creation on interoperability standards and technologies, towards the local SW Houses and realisation of local demonstrators.
Large_Description The center is funded by Regione Emilia-Romagna.
location Emilia Romagna, Italy
start_date 22/07/2005
end_date 31/12/2007
Development_Status Complete
Funding Regional
Project_Type TT
Research Unit Name Laboratory Role
X-LAB Unità Operativa X-LAB Home page CROSS-TEC laboratory (ICT and ENERGY) Coordinator

Related research topics
Code Topic Description
3.1.3 Organisational issues in interoperability and networked enterprises Organisational issues in interoperability and networked enterprises
3.1.1 eBusiness standards eBusiness standards

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