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Petrographic investigations on stone materials of modern mosaic tiles

Autori Elena Marrocchino, Antonello Aquilano, Chiara Telloli  Anno 2021
Tipologia Poster Conferenza Internazionale con referaggio
Abstract Mosaics in Italy represent an important historic-artistic patrimony, and since the last century a renewal of interest for mosaic-manufacture induced a flourishing industrial activity appreciated world-wide; for this reason, mosa-ics are currently relevant for the stone trade development. We studied fifty lithologies, ranging from sedimentary to metamorphic and magmatic rocks, used in mosaic manufacture in the Ravenna area. We recognized that only thirty-two of these lithologies were used in mosaic-making laboratories; in particular, we focused our attention on the sedimentary-carbonate lithotypes, characterizing their palaeontological features. This petrographical approach could also be useful for archaeometric purposes in order to find out suitable methods and procedures in restoring activities of ancient mosaics.
Referenza_Bibliografica MedGU - 1st Mediterranean Geosciences Union (Springer), Istanbul (Turchia)
Unita di Ricerca TRAC
LastUpdate 10/01/2022
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