Dossier eBIZ

A guide to eBIZ documentation

The project

Web site


Project presentation

Flyer (2 pages): English (also here), Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese

other material

relationship with Moda-ML (2 pages): English, Italian

Analysis and reference architecture

Analysis: Status of art

Status of art of eBusiness in TCF European industry (Report)

Reference architecture of eBusiness

web overview and documentation (web page)
architecture in short (flyer, 1 page)
the reference architecture (report, 2M)
OnLine Resources for Textile Clothing Upstream (web page)
OnLine Resources for Footwear Upstream (web page)
OnLine Resources for Textile Clothing Footwear Downstream (web page)
Online validator (tool)
FAQ (web page)


The pilots experience

summary of pilots experience and learnt lessons (web page)
hand out (12 pages): English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian
TQR eBIZ (Biella) case history (report)
Portuguese case history (report)
Greek and Hungarian case history (report)
Finnish case history (web page)

Observed Benefits for the pilot companies

Slides: English (also here), Italian (also here)

Other case histories, originated outside the eBIZ project

Consorzio IPSA (web page or report)
Quality Biella (report)

Adoption and awareness creation

Public events

web pages Biella 7/May/2010, Modena 7/June/2010, Porto 22/June/2010, Budapest 24/June/2010, Alicante 30/June/2010

Slides from the presentations

general presentations:
the project, mauro scalia, euratex: English (3.2M)
the pilots and the benefits, marco ricchetti, Hermes lab: English (also here) (1.3M),
Italian (also here) (3.3M)
the architecture, piero de sabbata, ENEA: English (1.7M), Italian (also here) (404k)
indicod-ecr-gs1, giuseppe luscia, indicod ecr: Italian (also here) (1.9M)
aecoc-gs1, xavier pujol, aecoc: Spanish (957K)

case histories from pilots
biella, luca sangiovanni, ermenegildo-zegna: Italian (also here) (362K)
biella, stefano fasana, domina: Italian (615k)
modena, lido losi, luca maglierie : Italian (also here) (3.2M)
modena, massimiliano morbilli, objtec: Italian (also here) (5.4M)
porto, cèsar toscano, inesc-porto: Portuguese (1.1M)
porto, mauro scalia, Euratex: English (3.2M)
porto, carlos cardeiro, oficina-de-solucoes: Portuguese (2.8M)
alicante, enrique montiel, inescop: Spanish (396K)
alicante, antonio porta, unisa: Spanish (689K)
alicante, francisco vicente, clave-informatica: Spanish (1.2M)
budapest, mauro scalia, Euratex: English (3.7M)

eBusiness guide for Textile Clothing Footwear industry

excerpts (4 pages): English, (partially) Italian
eBusiness guide (60 pages, 4.3MB) (report), see also here

eBIZ community

eBIZ Interest Group (for organisations)

eBIZ Interest Group (web page), short description (flyer, 2 pages)
Frequently asked questions about eBIZ Interest Group (flyer, 1 page)

mailing list and WEB access (for organisations and professionals)

registration (web page)

Social network (for professionals)

eBIZ group on linkedin (web page)