eBIZ 4.0 pilots (2018)

The pilots coordinators come from Spain, France and Italy but the geographical areas concerned are more and include also for example Germany, Hungary and Portugal, they are all characterized by a common development of the fashion industry but also by different characteristics.

Clavei (Spain), Schaeffer Productique (France) and Kyklos (Italy) are the three IT solution providers that leaded the pilots, with the common (achieved) objective of involving at least 100 European fashion companies, digitally connected thanks to eBIZ and adopting RFID solutions, improving their processes management along their supply chains.

In Italy the focus was on production at the brand subcontractors, ensuring the possibility to certify the preferential origin, multilevel relationships and concepts such as "events", special series, or the different operating modes according to the different production objectives.

In France the field of application was fabric production (Textile Clothing Upstream) and the pilot was oriented to improve the existing community of eBIZ users around the Ecoltex portal; to mention the experience, among others, of a large German brand aiming at involving unconnected suppliers from different countries and at significantly improving the quality of the collected information. In this context, the success of eBIZ came from the sharing of a semantics and common business rules.

In Spain two supply chains worked to implement eBIZ and RFID for the management of flows of goods from production to about 125 stores in the footwear sector.

The preliminary results of the project were presented at IT4Fashion 2018, April 18-20th, Florence, Italy.

The case histories from the pilots are reported at the following page http://ebiz-tcf.eu/success-cases/

More details about results in newsletter n.5.


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