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Traceability as a service enabler: e-CMR and preferential origin certification
16/09/2022   On line
The event was held on Friday 16 September in digital format on Zoom platform.
You can find the flyer with the schedule of the event at this address

Why this meeting? By traceability we mean a set of organizational procedures and technologies that allow us to reconstruct the path taken, in an industrial and logistical sense, of the final product before reaching the consumer.

In the most recent years of traceability, we are increasingly focusing on the aspects related to the production chain, the raw materials used and the sustainability of production choices and activities.

In particular, however, there is also a growing interest in services that can make use of traceability infrastructures even for wider purposes, from the 'storytelling' on the product and its effective sustainability to the simplification of aspects relating to interaction with public administrations, as in the case of certification of preferential origin.

During this third session of the traceability table of the Technological Cluster Made In Italy a fairly specific aspect was presented that concerns the interaction of systems supported by traceability technologies, data sharing and blockchain with the public administration and the competent authorities to meet regulatory and tax requirements and with the actors involved in international shipments (companies, freight forwarders, ports, banks)In particular, the case of the procedure for granting preferential certification of origin of products and the issue of e-CMR.

One on the main outcome of the webinar is the effort managed by European customs in setting up an ecosystem of platforms and services at European level for international logistics. On the other industry led initiatives, like TRICK, aims at fight against green washing and unfaithful assertions and looks for trust between industry and public authorities. The project, by the way, is expected to answer to the issues of inter-blockchain interoperability. .
The case of the incoming e-CMR is an example of daily operation documentation that becomes a support to most advanced services, like traceability or evaluation of product environmental impact. Regaining the control of the logistic chains appears as an increasing trend of the producers: the usual ‘ex works’ incoterm is expected lose shares in favor of other types of delivery terms.

European logistics is expected to have relevant new regulations towards inter connected systems, for example with the new 'European Maritime Single Window environment (EMSWe)' that will apply since August 2025 and other initiatives in the following years

These the speakers and their presentations

Introduction: Video registration (Italian)

Danilo Bottone (Customs and Monopolies Agency)
Giuseppe Iacobelli (Made in Italy Cluster)

Roberto Fulgido - Cluster Minint 16 09 2022-La logistica internazionale-Fulgido.pdf (Customs and Monopolies Agency) International logistics and harmonization and standardization actions for data exchange and traceability - Cluster Mint 16 09 2022-International logistics-Fulgido.pdf

Teresa Donnoli - Cluster Minint 16 09 2022-PCO-Donnoli.pdf (Customs and Monopolies Agency) A brief summary of the certification of preferential origin Cluster Mint 16 09 2022-PCO-Donnoli.pdf

Alessandro Canepa - Cluster Minint 16 09 2022-Trick-Canepa.pdf (Fratelli Piacenza> S.p.a.) The TRICK project approach to certification of preferential origin Cluster Mint 16 09 2022-Trick-Canepa.pdf

Abramo Vincenzi - Cluster Minint 16 09 2022-eCMR-Vincenzi.pdf (Accudire-S.r.l.) E-CM, blockchain and the Accudire platform - Cluster Minnt 16 09 2022-eCMR-Vincenzi.pdf

Round table:

Marco Mattiocco (Customs and Monopolies Agency)
Daniela Ferroni (Grassi Tbc Group)
Pasquale Campanile (Mnarchi and Fildi)
Alessandro Canepa (Piacenza Brothers> S.p.a.)
Abramo Vincenzi (Accudire S.r.l.)

Moderator. Piero De Sabbata (ENEA CROSS-TEC laboratory, National technological cluster made in Italy, regional cluster er Create of Emilia-Romagna)

Questions and answers and closure

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