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Decoding tables values in eBIZ/TC Upstream (Draft)

release 28/giu/2024

Tabella 1 - NT310
Tabella NT310
Description types of signature
Generalities Types of electronic signatures; these values are based on the reference of Regulation UE n 910/2014 - eIDAS
Code List Agency Name eBIZ for TRICK
Code List VersionID Draft
Code List URI http://www.ebiz.enea.it/moda-ml/repository/codelist/Draft/gc_NT310.xml
Table values
Table values Adoption note
AES Advanced Electronic Signatures Unlike simple electronic signatures, these signatures do require a level of identity verification. They are based on certificates that uniquely identify the signer of the electronic document. T
NOSIGN no signature
OTH Other type of signature Warning, other types of signature might be not internationally recognized.
QES Qualified Electronic Signatures Like AES, go further to meet additional requirements outlined in the eIDAS regulations. Qualified electronic signatures (QES) must have a certificate based on public keys that were issued with proper technological means.
SES Simple Electronic Signatures These are the broadest and simplest types of electronic signatures. eIDAS defines them as "data in electronic form which is attached to or logically associated with other data in electronic form and which is used by the signatory to sign."
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