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Decoding tables values in eBIZ/TC Upstream (Draft)

release 28/giu/2024

Tabella 1 - T21
Tabella T21
Description type of document
Generalities type or class to which the referenced document belongs
Code List Agency Name eBIZ
Code List VersionID Draft
Code List URI http://www.ebiz.enea.it/moda-ml/repository/codelist/Draft/gc_T21.xml
Table values
Table values Adoption note
ADM Generic administrative document
BIL Bill of lading
BOR Blanket order
CAT Price catalogue - tech sheet
CEO Certificate of origin
CER Certificate
CMR CMR consignment note
COC Colour card
CRN Credit note
CTO Checking order
CTR Contract
CXF CxF3 file
DAD Darn order
DDT Delivery note (transport document)
DEA Despatch advise
DER Despatch request
DR Document Request
EAD Export Accompanying Document adopted by European customs
ECMR electronic CMR consignment note
ECUS EXPORT Custom Declaration
EMP People employment document
FOR Forecast
GSO Garment stock offer
GSX Garment stock offer change
ICUS IMPORT Custom Declaration
INV Invoice
KCC Knitting-Clothing Commission Order
KCI Garment in Work Inventory Report
LCA LCA study
LCAD LCA study dataset
M2M Made to Measure Production Order
MAS Master marker
MCI Visual merchandising instruction
OCH Order change
OFF Offer
ORD Purchase order
ORP Order response
OSR order status request
OSS Offer status
OST Order status
OTH other type
OUR our reference
PCO Preferential certificate of origin
PEF PEF study
PEFD PEF study dataset
PEFP PEF environmental profile
PEFP Public PEF study (extracted portion)
PRC Code of conduct or other procedural instructions
QR Quality Report
RAI Raw Material in Work Inventory Report
RDC Raw dyeing commission order
RDH Raw dyeing order change
RDR Raw dyeing order response
REA Receiving advise
REQ Request for Offer
RET Return
RSC Spinning commission order
RSH Spinning order change
RSR Spinning order response
SAD Single Administrative Document adopted by European customs
SCL Process sheet
SDE Self-declaration
SDS SDS - Safety data sheet
SLCAD S-LCA Study documentation
TFC Textile dyeing-finishing commission order
TFX Textile Dyeing-Finishing Order Change
TPC Textile printing commission order
TPX Textile Printing Order Change
TWI Textile in work inventory
VMI visual merchandising instructions
WAC Warping commission order
WAYB Waybill
WEC Weaving commission order
YDC Yarn dyeing commission order
YDH Yarn dyeing order change
YDR Yarn dyeing order response
YTC Twisting commission order
YWI Yarn in work inventory
Elements using the table
docType type or class to which the referenced document belongs [XML dictionary]: docType
documentType type or class to which the document belongs [XML dictionary]: documentType
requestDocType type of document the issue of which is requested by the present Request message [XML dictionary]: requestDocType
tradeTransactionTypeCode code of the type of trade transaction [XML dictionary]: tradeTransactionTypeCode

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