Decoding tables values in eBIZ/TC Upstream (Draft)

release 28/giu/2024

Decoding tables
NT1 Order type    
NT10 Despatch Advise type    
NT100 eBIZ TCFUpstream version    
NT11 transport causal    
NT12 data source    
NT13 fabric fault category    
NT14 fabric fault shape    
NT15 Textiles Quality Report type    
NT16 VAT rate or code    
NT17 textiles collection status    
NT18 message function    
NT19 currency use qualifier    
NT2 third party qualifier    
NT20 price qualifier    
NT201 entity type    
NT202 Type of the object Instance    
NT204 events' action code    
NT205 Function of the document    
NT22 product type of an operation    
NT24 Textile Dyeing-Finishing Order type    
NT25 type of Transport Order    
NT26 color type    
NT27 type of retail price    
NT29 format of a date    
NT3 issuer of the identifier (or identification system) of a location.    
NT30 raw material family    
NT31 yarn family    
NT310 types of signature    
NT311 information disclosure level    
NT312 storage action    
NT313 status of the document    
NT314 REACH codes    
NT315 EWC codes for waste classification    
NT316 waste final treatment type    
NT317 emission to    
NT318 water type    
NT319 Type of energy vector    
NT32 fabric family    
NT320 type of energy source    
NT321 PEFCR Sub-category / representative product    
NT322 input material function    
NT323 category of the object of a declaration    
NT324 propulsion system type    
NT325 Social Accountability Requirements    
NT326 Evidence type on Social Accountability Requirements    
NT327 Category of sustainability indicators    
NT328 Metodology for sustainability indicators calculation    
NT329 type of validation method of the value    
NT33 type of informatic address    
NT330 business step type    
NT331 Nature of transaction    
NT332 Transport mode for custom declaration    
NT333 type of hashing algorythm    
NT334 Transit zone referring to international shipping    
NT35 stock offer status    
NT36 stock offer status reason    
NT37 committed quantity qualifier    
NT38 colour test    
NT39 consumption type    
NT4 end use    
NT40 manufacturing note qualifiers    
NT41 garment attributes    
NT43 operational code qualifier    
NT44 indicator of the status of the report related to a service    
NT5 action code    
NT51 Filling Criterion for Package homogeneity    
NT6 coding system owner/issuer    
NT60 language, codes from ISO 639-1 (subset)    
NT7 unit of measure    
NT71 picture resolution type    
NT72 picture final use type    
NT73 Gender    
NT8 Order status type    
NT9 Despatch Request type    
T1 terms of payment    
T10 ISO3166 - Country    
T11 transport package type    
T12 fabric faults    
T13 CFM properties of fabric    
T14 FAST tests    
T15 dye/print process type    
T16 dyestuff type    
T17 weave type    
T18 Invoice type    
T19 fibre type    
T2 Modes of payment    
T20 type of darning operation    
T200 type of job on raw material    
T201 type of job on yarn    
T202 type of job on fabric    
T205 type of job in knitting/clothing    
T21 type of document    
T22 raw material characteristics type    
T24 yarn characteristics type    
T25 yarn check specimen    
T261 type of job technology for yarn    
T262 type of job technology for fabric    
T263 type of warper beam    
T264 fabric printing technology    
T271 machine type for yarn operation    
T272 machine type for fabric operation    
T275 type of machine for knitting/clothing    
T281 parameter type for yarn operation    
T282 parameter type for fabric operation    
T29 type of yarn package    
T3 terms of delivery - IncoTerms    
T30 support of yarn package - material    
T302 type of object    
T305 table of manufacturing operation types    
T306 material circularity attribute    
T307 recycling process method    
T308 table of macro groups of manufacturing operations for the PEF    
T309 washing type    
T310 manufacturing party roles    
T311 allowed tumble drying mode    
T312 dye Category    
T32 yarn reel wrapping type    
T33 yarn outer packing    
T34 yarn payment type    
T36 service measure mode    
T37 movement unit type    
T38 transport conditions    
T4 fabric piece inner packing (wrapping) 1    
T40 type of transport means    
T41 type of Allowance or Charge    
T421 size system: nationality    
T422 size system: market segment    
T423 size system: base    
T44 additional code type    
T45 fabric print parameter type    
T46 quantity variance reason    
T47 stock type    
T48 garment part type    
T49 chemical elements    
T5 fabric piece inner packing (wrapping) 2    
T50 equation sign    
T51 light source type    
T52 fabric piece status    
T54 kind of yarn    
T55 count system    
T56 kind of yarn ply    
T57 color fastness test for yarn    
T58 yarn quality parameters    
T59 CIE illuminant    
T6 fabric piece outer packing    
T60 CIE standard observer    
T61 duty or tax or fee type    
T62 duty or tax or fee category    
T7 manufacturing status    
T8 Modes of Transport    
T9 ISO4217 - Currency    
TRK01 list of available services    
TRK02 list of services functions    
TRK03 list of business steps for traceability events