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Introduction to the current version of eBIZ/TC Upstream (2018-1)

Version management in eBIZ/TC Upstream

The official versions of eBIZ/TC Upstream (named with the year and a number, ex. '2004-1') after the release are public and cannot modified; they are available on-line and can be used also after the release of the further versions.
A version is made of:

The current official version (click here) should be always used as the reference.

The Draft version (click here) , differently, is a working version, accessible to the workgroup and to the focus group members (in the final phases also registered users can access them) and is under published for comments. It can be modified many times before the release of an official version.
Comments are welcome on all the versions (the last official and the draft ones): the comments must be addressed to the staff (click HERE).

These documents and software can be freely downloaded and used, they cannot be sold but you can embed them in your products and commercial solution (you must only inform that they are present and developed by the eBIZ initiative).

XML documents and software of draft version can be freely downloaded and used;
WARNING, before to embed them into products and commercial packages be aware that they could exist only temporarily and not being included in the next official version.

Moda-ML, 2018-1 version
Version 2018-1 version
Release date 5/11/2018

THIS VERSION is the 2018-1 version based on the eBIZ 2013-1 version.

This is the eBIZ-4.0 valuable contribution for improving eBIZ specifications:  a considerable set of requirements has been collected and included in the draft version of eBIZ specification that was the base for this version.

  • Fashion subcontracting: master data, commission order and despatrch advice in a multi-tier supply chain
  • Improved management of (multiple) serial codes for the products and multilingualism and multimedia contents for feeding eServices platforms
  • Inclusion of documentation such as certificates as embedded or external elements
  • Accessories supplying with the introduction con a color-size matrix to descrive the different varieties of articles
  • Improved logistic information though packing list information and detailed description of 'types of packages' and actual packages lists
  • The new concept of ‘fashion product’ that complement the usual categories of products (yarn, fabric, etc)
More details in the public deliverable D4.2 (document [[PDF:OF513-009]]), when released.
Technical details

Improved  business processes

  • new business process: Sales on eService
  • update of the existing Knitwear subcontracted manufacturing process to Subcontracted fashion manufacturing.


New documents

  • Fashion Master data
  • Fashion Catalogue
  • Party Information

Renamed or heavily improved documents

  • Fashion Commission Order (ex Knitting-Clothing Commission Order)
  • Fashion Despatch Advice (ex Garment Despatch Advice)
  • Fashion Despatch Request (ex Garment Despatch Request)
  • Fashion Receiving Advice (ex Receiving Advice)
  • Garment Order Status (ex Knitting/Clothing Order status).
  • Textile invoice

Enlargement of the business documents capacities

  • Serial item identification, to support the serial identification of a unit of product in the logistic and status of order documents with new data structure <em>itemslist</em> to support multiple serial identification codes for the same article.
  • Additional party identifier(s): to have the possibility to identify a Party through more codes (currently only one identifier can be specified).
  • External document, to support the attachment of external document in the eBIZ documents.
  • Pictures, to support the attachment of pictures in the catalogue type documents.
  • Text dimension: to increase the dimension of textual elements.         
  • Multilingualism: to give the possibility to provide the same text in more different languages
  • Management of different quantities for different size/color: to give the possibility to specify different quantities for different size/color of a same product.
  • Management of different pricing policies: to support the possibility to specify different prices for different geographic area.
  • trade element added to all dispatch documents
  • Document specific minor changes: see technical documentation

In order to support the transactions of BRANDs and FASHION operators dealing with the whole range of fashion products a new concept has been added: ‘Fashion’ goods, that might be indifferently any kind of products are now managed by dedicated documents (they might be yarn, fabrics, accessories, garments, shoes or any other finished product –or component of-).


Improvement of the code lists structure

Improvement of general code list information structure in order to track the changes applied to a code list (date of insertion,  adoption note)


Improvement of set of codes of some code lists

the set of codes of the following code lists have been enriched:

  • Code list T3 - terms of delivery: updated to INCOTERMS 2010
  • Code list T11 - transport package type: added some values from the UN/ECE 8053 code list
  • Code list T19 - fibre type
  • Code list T41 - type of Allowance or Charge added some values from the UN/ECE 4465 code list
  • Code list T58 – yarn quality parameters 
  • Code list NT2  – third party qualifier (role)
  • Code list T21 - type of document


For technical documentation see

-          eBIZ 4.0 – download “deliverable D4.2” for an overview: OF513-009

-          eBIZ 4.0 – “version comparison guides” for a technical complete track-list of changes for each kind of document (see online documentation)