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Decoding tables values in eBIZ/TC Upstream (2018-1)

release 5/11/2018

Decoding tables
NT1 Order type      + [Full record]  
NT10 Despatch Advise type      + [Full record]  
NT100 eBIZ TCFUpstream version      + [Full record]  
NT11 transport causal      + [Full record]  
NT12 data source      + [Full record]  
NT13 fabric fault category      + [Full record]  
NT14 fabric fault shape      + [Full record]  
NT15 Textiles Quality Report type      + [Full record]  
NT16 VAT rate or code      + [Full record]  
NT17 textiles collection status      + [Full record]  
NT18 message function      + [Full record]  
NT19 currency use qualifier      + [Full record]  
NT2 third party qualifier      + [Full record]  
NT20 price qualifier      + [Full record]  
NT22 product type of an operation      + [Full record]  
NT24 Textile Dyeing-Finishing Order type      + [Full record]  
NT25 type of Transport Order      + [Full record]  
NT26 color type      + [Full record]  
NT27 type of retail price      + [Full record]  
NT29 format of a date      + [Full record]  
NT3 data format      + [Full record]  
NT30 raw material family      + [Full record]  
NT31 yarn family      + [Full record]  
NT32 fabric family      + [Full record]  
NT33 type of informatic address      + [Full record]  
NT35 stock offer status      + [Full record]  
NT36 stock offer status reason      + [Full record]  
NT37 committed quantity qualifier      + [Full record]  
NT38 colour test      + [Full record]  
NT39 consumption type      + [Full record]  
NT4 end use      + [Full record]  
NT40 manufacturing note qualifiers      + [Full record]  
NT41 garment attributes      + [Full record]  
NT43 operational code qualifier      + [Full record]  
NT5 action code      + [Full record]  
NT51 Filling Criterion for Package homogeneity      + [Full record]  
NT6 coding system owner/issuer      + [Full record]  
NT60 language, codes from ISO 639-1 (subset)      + [Full record]  
NT7 unit of measure      + [Full record]  
NT71 picture resolution type      + [Full record]  
NT72 picture final use type      + [Full record]  
NT73 Gender      + [Full record]  
NT8 Order status type      + [Full record]  
NT9 Despatch Request type      + [Full record]  
T1 terms of payment      + [Full record]  
T10 ISO3166 - Country      + [Full record]  
T11 transport package type      + [Full record]  
T12 fabric faults      + [Full record]  
T13 CFM properties of fabric      + [Full record]  
T14 FAST tests      + [Full record]  
T15 dye/print process type      + [Full record]  
T16 dyestuff type      + [Full record]  
T17 weave type      + [Full record]  
T18 Invoice type      + [Full record]  
T19 fibre type      + [Full record]  
T2 Modes of payment      + [Full record]  
T20 type of darning operation      + [Full record]  
T200 type of job on raw material      + [Full record]  
T201 type of job on yarn      + [Full record]  
T202 type of job on fabric      + [Full record]  
T205 type of job in knitting/clothing      + [Full record]  
T21 type of document      + [Full record]  
T22 raw material characteristics type      + [Full record]  
T24 yarn characteristics type      + [Full record]  
T25 yarn check specimen      + [Full record]  
T261 type of job technology for yarn      + [Full record]  
T262 type of job technology for fabric      + [Full record]  
T263 type of warper beam      + [Full record]  
T264 fabric printing technology      + [Full record]  
T271 machine type for yarn operation      + [Full record]  
T272 machine type for fabric operation      + [Full record]  
T275 type of machine for knitting/clothing      + [Full record]  
T281 parameter type for yarn operation      + [Full record]  
T282 parameter type for fabric operation      + [Full record]  
T29 type of yarn package      + [Full record]  
T3 terms of delivery      + [Full record]  
T30 support of yarn package - material      + [Full record]  
T32 yarn reel wrapping type      + [Full record]  
T33 yarn outer packing      + [Full record]  
T34 yarn payment type      + [Full record]  
T36 service measure mode      + [Full record]  
T37 movement unit type      + [Full record]  
T38 transport conditions      + [Full record]  
T4 fabric piece inner packing (wrapping) 1      + [Full record]  
T40 type of transport means      + [Full record]  
T41 type of Allowance or Charge      + [Full record]  
T421 size system: nationality      + [Full record]  
T422 size system: market segment      + [Full record]  
T423 size system: base      + [Full record]  
T44 additional code type      + [Full record]  
T45 fabric print parameter type      + [Full record]  
T46 quantity variance reason      + [Full record]  
T47 stock type      + [Full record]  
T48 garment part type      + [Full record]  
T49 chemical elements      + [Full record]  
T5 fabric piece inner packing (wrapping) 2      + [Full record]  
T50 equation sign      + [Full record]  
T51 light source type      + [Full record]  
T52 fabric piece status      + [Full record]  
T54 kind of yarn      + [Full record]  
T55 count system      + [Full record]  
T56 kind of yarn ply      + [Full record]  
T57 color fastness test for yarn      + [Full record]  
T58 yarn quality parameters      + [Full record]  
T59 CIE illuminant      + [Full record]  
T6 fabric piece outer packing      + [Full record]  
T60 CIE standard observer      + [Full record]  
T61 duty or tax or fee type      + [Full record]  
T62 duty or tax or fee category      + [Full record]  
T7 manufacturing status      + [Full record]  
T8 Modes of Transport      + [Full record]  
T9 ISO4217 - Currency      + [Full record]  

 + [Full list]