Short "history" of the versions of Moda-ML

Introduction to the releases of Moda-ML

The official versions of Moda-ML (named with the year and a number, ex. '2004-1') after the release are public and cannot modified; they are available on-line and can be used also after the release of the further versions.
A version is made of:

  • collaboration processes analisys (reference samples)
  • different templates for the different kind of messages, XML documents, (XML Schemas, used to validate the documents) and the related User guides.
  • a dictionary of terms and of their coding
  • optionally stylesheets (XSL) to show the message content and samples

The Draft version, differently, is a working version, accessible to the workgroup and to the focus group members (in the final phases also registered users can access them) and is under published for comments. It can be modified many times before the release of an official version.
Comments are welcome on all the versions (the last official and the draft ones): the comments must be addressed to the staff (click HERE).

These documents and software can be freely downloaded and used, they cannot be sold but you can embed them in your products and commercial solution (you must only inform that they are present and developed by the MODA-ML team).

Version Moda-ML 2013-1 (31-07-2013)

Version aligned to the  eBIZ 2.0 specifications (TexWeave and following CEN WS eBIZ developments), including small improvements.
Link to the version Moda-ML 2013-1.

Version Moda-ML 2011-1 (31-12-2011)

Version aligned to the eBIZ-TCF specifications (TexWeave and following developments), including small improvements.
The strengthening of the note field, to make it computer processable
Link to the version Moda-ML 2011-1.

Version Moda-ML 2008-1 (15-12-2008)

Version aligned to the eBIZ-TCF specifications (TexWeave and following developments).
It adds new documents included a set of documents developed by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano in the framework of the IPSA project.

Link to the version Moda-ML 2008-1.

Version Moda-ML 2006-1 (24-7-2006)

The first complete version and aligned with CEN/ISSS “TEXWEAVE”.
Link to the version Moda-ML 2006-1.

Version Moda-ML 2005-1
(July 2005)

The Moda-ML 2005-1 version is a 'bridge' version towards the standard CEN/ISSS TexWeave that has to be released at the end of the year 2005.

The MODA-ML Technical Committe, considering the results of a new test period in the user companies, has up-graded the Draft Dictionary 2005, that has now become the Dictionary 2005-1.

No new documents have been developed, only some elements have been changed in this new version.

Some of the documents result non-compatible with the previous ones. The list and details in the release note of the version.
Link to Moda-ML 2005-1.

Version Moda-ML 2004-1
(September 2004)

This is the second operating version of Moda-ML after the first one (2003-1).

This version adds to the previous one, the support to new processes: Yarn Production and Yarn Supplying are now supported with the management of the subcontracting (related to purchase order, despatch and subcontracting order).
Some relevant extensions have been introduced to the already supported processes:
- in Fabric Production, dyeing and finishing subcontracting have been added;
- a new modalty of Fabric supplying has been supported, alternative to the conventional one, with the final despatch of a kit (fabric + accessories) to the subcontractors of the Garment Producer, instead of despatching the fabric to the Garment Producer.
- the Fabric invoice has been modified, to comply with the recommendations of the e-Invoice Focus Group (CEN/ISSS).

The documents of the previous version (2003-1) are validated by the Schema of the present version (the new Schemas add only some optional elements or allow more choices).
The fabric invoice is an exception: it has been completely reorganised and is not compatible with the previous version (the adoption ofthe new format is strongly suggested).
The Schema of the previous version are available on line anyway.

This version of Moda-ML has been developed with the support of Consorzio TQR and of the partners of the technical working group of Moda-ML.
Link to Moda-ML 2004-1.

Version Moda-ML 2003-1
(July 2003)

it is the FINALversion of the IST Moda-ML project integrated with the results of the CEN/ISSS Workshop TexSpin.
This is the first version that has been published and used by the industry.
It contains the same templates of documents of the 2002-2 version (12 documents of the Fabric supplying process and 2 of the Fabric production process) that have been checked and reorganised, together with the common dictionary, on the basis of the specifications and activities of the TexSpin workshop with the aim of make them more compliant with the ebXML specifications.
The documents (Schemas, XSLs and Guides) are all completely compliant with the specifications approved by the TexSpin workshop.
Link to Moda-ML 2003-1.

Experimental version Moda-ML 2002-1
(June 2002)

This version was realised during the IST Moda-ML project, it was only an experimental version for the partners.

Version Moda-ML 2002-2
(December 2002)

This version was the first complete version of the IST Moda-ML project; it is based on 12 documents of the Fabric supplying process and 2 of the Fabric production process; it has been published and experienced by the industrial partners.
Its use is deprecated.
Link to Moda-ML 2002-2.


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