MSH2 Run

To send messages:

1) the file name of the document to send MUST be named according to specified syntax
(e.g. "MSH2_IT-12345678909_0_1.xml")

2) put the document in the Outbox/ dir
(e.g. C:\Program Files\MSH2\Outbox)

3) MSH2:
- asks if you want send the document;
- plays the CPA agreement related to Recipient-PartyId;
- read from CPA the feature to apply to document and to configure the communication;
- prepares the ebXML message and apply the features;
- sends the message.

To receive messages:

1) click on "Check" icon;

2) MSH2 checks if there are messages into the specified Mail Server with the specified message subject (Setup phase);

3) if there are messages then MSH2 does the download of them;

4) the received messages are presented in the MSH2 interface.

If you have problems during this phase, we suggest you:

1) to read the Doc: CPA-FastEditor Functionalities Tour
2) to do the Basic Test with SimpleMail
3) to look the helpand well-know problems pages