To know more

1. Register in the WEB site

Registered people receive a NEWSLETTER via e-mail with the advancements of the initiative.

Furthermore a userid and a password are sent to enable the user to access a more complete documentation.

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2. Join eBIZ group on LINKEDIN

Registered people on LinkedIN can join and participate the eBIZ group on  linkedin


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Follow on TWITTER the HashTag and the accounts of eBIZ

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4. Focus groups

In the framework of the initiative focus groups are promoted to meet the companies of the Textile/Clothing supply chain and the technology suppliers.

Joining the focus group, the users will be entitled to

  • access a more detailed and up-to-date documentation of the results while they are delivered, with the opportunity to test them inside the company
  • attend periodical meetings where the analysis and the guidelines of the next tasks are presented; the participants could ask more details and give a feed back that will be analysed by the experts of the initiative to enhance the generalizability of the specifications.
  • receive information about international standardisation initiatives at European and international level

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