What is MODA-ML

  • Moda-ML is a web site supporting the eBIZ initiative that aims to publicly offer tools and format specifications for the data exchange based on XML and Internet and to stimulate convergence and consensus of associations and firms
  • ModaML is originated by an European project (IST EUTIST-AMI/MODA-ML), ended in 2003, that has been followed by an activity that contributed to the launch of the eBIZ initiative that embeds its results in the Textile clothing (TC) upstream set.
  • eBIZ is the most powerful inter-operabiliy language for the Textile-Clothing industry from yarn to apparel manufacturing. Since the first Moda-ML release in 2003 this set of specifications, now embedded in eBIZ has constantly progressed in quantity and quality to provide for the needs of an ever extending demand of Users.
  • At present the Textile Clothing Uptream (TCUp) specification of eBIZ covers:
    • 8 Business processes,
    • involving many types of Companies of the T/C sector.
    With the support of
    • about 80 e-document models (XML Schemas)
    • about 700 vocabules (XML Types)
  • As of 2008 all the technical work of ‘Moda-ML Iniziative’ merged into eBIZ (www.ebiz-tcf.eu) the public private initiative pursuing the use and greater interoperability of digital communication across the Fashion supply-chain. eBIZ was launched by the European Commission (DG Grow) and coordinated by EURATEX (www.euratex.eu) with the participation of CEC (www.cec-footwearindustry.eu) and ENEA (www.enea.it).

eBIZ: a language and a common method to integrate companies of the Textile/Clothing supply chain.

  • The approach is based on the exchange of standardized XML documents (‘messages’) that are publicly available via Internet.
  • Moda-ML participated the CEN/ISSS initiative WS TexSPIN and TexWeave to create a sectorial European standard for the B2B exchanges leaded by the European Association of the Textile and Apparel industry, Euratex.
  • Moda-ML began thanks to the European support to the Moda-ML project (IST Take-Up Action Line IV.2.5 "Computing, communications and networks take-up measures") through the V Framework Research Programm (cluster of projects Eutist-AMI).
  • After the conclusion of the initial contract, Moda-ML continues through the activities of the Technical Group and of the Pilot Users of the project in other initiatives with regional, national and European support.
  • In 2008 the DG Enterprise and Industry project eBIZ-TCF, aiming to harmonise eBusiness in Textile Clothing and Footwear industry, adopted the Moda-ML specifications to support industry networking (click here for the eBIZ specifications, see also the document "from Moda-ML to eBIZ-TCF")
  • In 2012 the standardisation initiative CEN WS eBIZ lead to further improvements in the framework of the CEN standardisation system.
  • in 2016 eBIZ 4.0 project addresses further developments with a focus on business models, RFID and supply chains with large brands (www.ebiz-tcf.eu).

Results availability

As it is known, the eBIZ results are published (via WEB, through periodical releases) and are freely available for industrial companies as well as technological suppliers; the technical documentation as well as reference the XML Schemas are available on the WEB sites www.moda-ml.org
and www.ebiz.enea.it.

On these web sites you can find also documentation about the DRAFT version being discussed in the community whose contents are candidates for the future official releases.