TEXSPIN Final Conference, Textile Supply Chain Integrated Network

June 25th, 2003 - Paris


NYC Auditorium CEGEDIM
17 rue de l'Ancienne Mairie
tel: 01 49 09 67 67
Metro: Boulogne-Pont de St Cloud (ligne 10) or Marcel Sembat (ligne 9)
Meeting location area map


Tex-Spin Final Conference was held on 25th of June in Paris/France with the support of NYC and IFTH. Tex-spin which is a project coordinated by Euratex and supported by the parallel workshop aimed to provide the Textile/Clothing sector with an open pre-normative platform for electronic data interchange based on XML documents.

The Tex-Spin Workshop is based on the contribution, in terms of technologies, experience and know-how, from the corresponding project Tex-Spin (upgraded EDITEX messages conforming EANCOM and pilot XML/EDI experiences based on new XML messages, promoted by Euratex) and from two projects realised in Italy (MODA-ML, upstream part of the supply chain, European IST funding) and in France (ETEXML, downstream part of the supply chain, nationally funded).

The results of the Tex-Spin project were progressively validated within the Workshop and produced a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) that was presented at the Final Conference in Paris. The CEN Workshop Agreement consists in a report presented in the form of a "best practice" statement and it concerns:

  • The assessment of the new framework of XML documents based on EDITEX (XML/EDITEX)
  • Requirements for future improvements of the framework guidelines for implementation of the framework

After the meeting all the documents have been submitted for voting among all the members of the workshop via e-mail; registered members, even absent to the event, were allowed to express their votes and their comments (via e-mail until July 31st 2003 to the workshop secretariat, madame Carla Sirocchi, UNINFO, sirocchi@uninfo.polito.it  and copy to the chairman Piero De Sabbata, ENEA, piero.desabbata@bologna.enea.it)

The documents discussed in this meeting (the CEN Workshop Agreement and its annexes) are freely available for the download from the site of Workshop Texspin










Opening of workshop

J.M. Dufour, President of NYC (France)
Piero De Sabbata, Chairman of Workshop (Italy)



Business case of EDI implementation

Eric Bardies, Stè Chantelle (France)



Presentation of CEN initiatives

Barbara Gatti, CEN / ISSS (Belgium)



Rationale for adopting XML standards in T/C/D chain at European Level. Presentation of TEX-SPIN project results

Deborah Santus, Euratex (Belgium)
Dimitris Baltas, ATC (Greece)



Presentation of eTeXML results

Valèrie Marchand, EAN-France (France)



Presentation of MODA-ML results

Guido Cucchiara, Gruppo SOI (Italy)








International EDI initiatives in T/C/D chain

EAN International (Belgium)



Branch standards in T/C/D chain

Patrick Robinet, IFTH (France)



Presentation of CWA

Piero De Sabbata, ENEA (Italy)



Debate and formal approval of CWA

All the participants






Closing of conference

Translation: The double translation English/French was supplied during all the conference  

LINKs & Downloads

Doc - The final document (Cen Workshop Agreement, 14948) of TEX.SPIN
WEB - The 'working' WEB site of Workshop TEX.SPIN (UNINFO)
Doc - Conference programm (100K
Doc - Announce of the event by Euratex (35K)
Doc - Slides about the Moda-ML contribution, speech of Guido Cucchiara, Gruppo SOI (564K)
Doc - Slides about the proposd CWA, speech of Piero De Sabbata, ENEA (150K)
Doc - Press release about the event (105K, Italian)