The experience of the pilots

17 Pilot Projects involving more than 150 enterprises involved in the textile/clothing and footwear sectors demonstrated the validity of the Technical Architecture and the benefits of using e-Business.

Summary of the eBIZ-TCF Pilot Projects

The eBIZ-TCF pilot projects demonstrated the validity of the reference architecture, the inter-operability of different systems and the value of exchanging data in improving response times through the use of actual data.

Case histories from the pilots

Detailed reports about the case history of some of the pilots.

Economic benefits (qualitative)

The eBIZ adoption brings benefits which may vary on their extend and rapidity based on the fashion companies’ legacy systems. Here they are.

Real cases from the pilots (quantitative)

Quantitative analysis of benefits from three real cases of pilots.

Key Lessons

Key Lessons Learnt from the Pilot Projects.


Contents developed for the eBIZ-TCF project