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3.4.2. Smart city and community
Vivacity in changing economies: cities are engines of economic growth and of places where innovations emerge. Yet some cities have greater economic success than others. All over Europe we find cities with rapid economic growth and a strong decline, as well as cities with a growing economy. These trajectories as expressions of vitality are closely related to population dynamics in terms of growth or contraction.
We need a better understanding of the factors that drive the economic success or failure of cities. We need to know how innovation moves the size and segmentation of labor markets and how they change
migration models in response to these changes. Furthermore, new strategies are needed to combine the creation of economic opportunities with social innovation in order to create open, inclusive, cohesive and more liveable cities. In
short, we must find new ways to achieve and sustain socio-economic vitality and equality in cities with evolving economies.
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Research units working on the topic
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Produced bibliography on the topic
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2020 I 'PED' & 'Energy Community':quadro di riferimento e ruolo strategico - "Smart City: da ENEA una 'lingua' comune per lo scambio dei dati", su FMI - Facility Management Ital... Others
2019 European Union funding Research Development and Innovation projects on Smart Cities: the state of the art in 2019 Maestosi Clerici P., Civiero P., Massa G. , European Union funding Research Development and Innovat... Paper International Journal with referee

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