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Report: Time for Energy Efficiency in Textiles SMEs
abstract The final public report "Time for Energy Efficiency in Textiles SMEs" has been published by the SET project;
the report provides insight of what has been achieved and what will be pursued by textile companies of 12 countries in the near future.
Description The SET project has delivered its results in 12 languages notably the SET scheme. The latter is based on a new software for companies to monitor their energy consumption, learn best practices, and benchmark their own energy performance with their competitors or similar companies.
The document provides insight of what has been achieved and what will be pursued by companies in the near future.
Download the report DI456-068
Authors Gessica Ciaccio
Keywords textile, energy efficiency, decision support system
TRL - technology readiness level 9 Full commercial application.
Link2 Link to the WEB site and report
Laboratory X-LAB
Partner ENEA
Direct LISEA result Falso
Direct Technopole result Falso
Related research topics
Code Topic Description ID
3.3 ICT for energy efficiency ICT for energy efficiency 8
I.1 Innovation in Fashion industry Innovation in FASHION industry

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