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Distributed ledgers to support revenue-sharing business consortia: a Hyperledger-based implementation
Authors Paolo Bottoni, Remo Pareschi, Domenico Tortola, Nicola Gessa and Gilda Massa  Year 2021
Pubblication type Paper International Conference with referee
Abstract Private distributed ledgers (DLs) appear to be more successful than public blockchains at supporting innovative business ecosystems in the form of enterprise consortia. In fact, by untying transactions from the native cryptocurrencies of public blockchains, consortium DLs can smoothly interface with the various sectors of the traditional economy with the capability to innovate it. Furthermore, eliminating mining greatly increases the computational efficiency of these technologies compared to public blockchains. So far, consortium DLs have been used primarily for traceability and document management. Now the time is ripe to move forward, impacting business and profitability. We describe here a consortium model based on distributed ledger
technology that applies the old principle that 'unity is strength' by deploying the economic method of Revenue Sharing as a smart contract. We illustrate the model through a prototype implementation on Hyperledger Fabric, the most widely adopted
among the platforms for consortium distributed ledgers.
Reference P. Bottoni, R. Pareschi, D. Tortola, N. Gessa and G. Massa, "Distributed ledgers to support revenue-sharing business consortia: a Hyperledger-based implementation," 2021 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC), 5-8 Sept. 2021, Athens, Greece, pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1109/ISCC53001.2021.9631473.
Repository reference DI135 - 059
Research unit X-LAB
Keywords business ecosystems, enterprise consortia, supply chain management, revenue sharing, smart contracts, distributed ledger, Hyperledger, Fabric
LastUpdate 19/10/2021
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Code Topic Description Revenue Sharing Revenue Sharing for networked enterprises smart contracts smart contracts for blockchain

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