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Nature and Culture: the necessarily undivision that permeate every days human actions.
An Antartica experience.
Autori R.Chiarini  Anno 2013
Tipologia Deliverable o report di progetto
Abstract There is a geography phenomenon that is the same as the process of renegotiation of cultural references for sustainability as consequence of the unconscious and individual need of reducing the extreme polarization between cultural and natural experiences. In force of this need and among complex solutions, anyone begins to address themselves to a strongly, oppositional and unusual destination of experience, compared to usual and unsustainable context. This article explores how today as well as in the historical process, this 'eco-ritual' is a sort of mechanic ritual of self-regulation and self-sustainability. This paper develops how opposite experiences of a multitude of single one, represents the necessity to receive an equal or democratic cultural and natural influence on own perception and cognitive renovation. This circle phenomenon cross physical/unconscious status and then an introspective interpretation. It would be a self-epistemology process, that anticipate, in its weak semantic events, what society is not able to convert any transition steps in transformed conditions for sustainability. This item highlights the contradictions between individual and social capability for sustainability, through an Antarctica experience report, as a self-political constrain to post-modernist contradictions.
Unita di Ricerca TIGRI
Keywords Geografia semiotica.
LastUpdate 24/04/2014
impact factor Falso

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