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New back flushable filter cassette FLOW-CEL« for biotech applications
Abstract MICRODYN-NADIR GmbH from Wiesbaden/Germany will introduce a new development for the filtration demands of the biotech industry.
Descrizione Description including main features/advantages
This development is a cassette system for the ultrafiltration of highly viscous media like fermentation processes.
With a membrane area of 10m▓ and a 10kDa molecular weight cut-off, this FLOW-CEL« module is optimally designed to filter protein-containing liquids with high solids content. Innovative aspects
The innovation of this cassette-system is the ability to clean by permeate-sided backwashing. This increases the cleaning effectiveness and saves chemicals, time, and manpower.
The modular design with different feed side heights allows the system to be modified based on the particular needs of each operator. Current and potential industrial users/domains of application
Food industry and pharmacy. Fermentation processes, all protein-concentration applications with a high amount of solids, for example cream cheese, are possible to handle. Current state of development
FLOW-CEL« is not yet commercially available. To guarantee easy handling and operation, the FLOW-CEL« has been developed and tested together with operators in the biotech industry.
Microdyn-Nadir wants to test other applications with this FLOW-CEL«, therefore they ask for industrial partners in the neighbourhood of Wiesbaden if they are interested to test it together.
Contact details
Contact person
Dorine Van Daele
Slotgrachtstraat 25
9940 Evergem
+32 (0)9 3445176
+32 (0)9 3445176
TRL - technology readiness level 5 Prototipo in grande scala o scala reale.
Laboratorio TIGRI
Partner ENEA
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