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Piero De Sabbata
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Phone +39 051 6098 322
ResearchUnit X-LAB   (CROSS-TEC#/tecnopolo/defaultCROSS-TEC.asp?lingua=en&mL=menuCROSS-TEC#)
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CV Graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University of Bologna in 1984, in ENEA since 1986, after an activity on expert systems applied to industry and territorial programming he worked on projects of technologies for interoperability and standards applied to manufacturing sectors and business networks.

For years engaged in the eBIZ initiative for the creation of a standard for the textile apparel supply chains, it has participated on this theme in various standardization initiatives (Tex-Spin, TexWeave and WS eBIZ) promoted by Euratex and by OASIS and CEN / ISSS ( including the CEN-eBusiness Standards Focus Group) and is part of the eBIZ Board with responsibility for the technical part. He was a member of the OASIS technical committee dedicated to UBL and is the promoter of the MODA-ML initiative.

Since 2004 he has coordinated the CROSS-LAB regional innovation center, followed by the LISEA regional industrial research laboratory and subsequently CROSS-TEC, ENEA's industrial research laboratory dedicated to technologies and standards for interoperability, virtualization. of the processes, the characterization of the energy components and the high performance calculation. He has been and is responsible for several research and innovation projects, including the European projects on energy uses in the textile sector industry of the Energy Made-to-Measure initiative.
Since 2015 he has been in charge of the ENEA DTE-SEN-CROSS laboratory (Cross Technologies for urban and industrial districts) dedicated to architectures, software technologies and standards for applications in the smart city and manufacturing supply chains. In this capacity he participated in the IES-CITY initiative launched by NIST together with ENEA and other European partners dedicated to the standardization of applications for smart cities.
He has been active since the establishment in the regional network for high technology and in the regional clust-er of cultural and creative industries (CREATE) and since 2018 he has been ENEA representative in the National Technological Cluster for Made-in-Italy. Since 2018 he collaborates with the Emilia-Romagna Region on the Regiotex initiative.
Since 2019 he has participated as an expert indicated by EURATEX in UNECE activities on transparent and sustainable supply chains in fashion and has expanded his research interests to the topic of using blockchain technologies for traceability in industry.
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