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Smart City: da ENEA una 'lingua' comune per lo scambio dei dati
Authors Angelo Frascella, Arianna Brutti, Nicola Gessa  Year 2020
Pubblication type Paper National Journal with referee
Abstract Introduzione ai concetti delle Smart City Platform Specification
Reference Angelo Frascella, Arianna Brutti, Nicola Gessa, "Smart City: da ENEA una 'lingua' comune per lo scambio dei dati", su FMI - Facility Management Italia, n. 39/2020, anno 11, pp. 18-19.
ISSN 1973-5340
WEB Reference
Repository reference DI210-016
Research unit X-LAB
Keywords SCPS, Smart City, Interoperability
LastUpdate 14/10/2020
Related research topics
Code Topic Description
3.1 Interoperability technologies
3.4.5 Smart city platform Accessibility and connectivity: the economic competitiveness of cities and the quality of citizens living in urban areas are directly influenced by the accessibility of urban services and services inside and outside cities, as well as by connectivity.

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