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Characterization of carbon compounds from binder and plasticiezers of explosives
Authors Telloli C, Rizzo A, Ubaldini A, Ottaviano G, Salvi S.  Year 2020
Pubblication type Poster International Conference with referee
Abstract The characterization of binder and plasticizers of explosives from a bombing attach has become a forensic and international problem faced by many countries, but few of them have the technical expertise or have developed the methodology for the effective characterization of environmental impacts from site contamination.

Explosives and related materials could remain in the environment causing different levels of contamination that can be toxic to ecological receptors.

Also, the unexploded device could present international environmental problem due to the release of these materials (e.g. binder and plasticizers) due to their corrosion, in addition to the risks associated with the potential accidental detonation.

Finding distinctive markers is crucial to identify the threat following up the emergency.

Here we want to focus on the discrimination of the chemical fingerprint of the component of an explosives, coupling Raman spectrometry and specific isotopic ratio. The capability of Raman spectroscopy to characterize the composition of a chemical compound and the analysis of stable isotope ratios useful to identify specific markers of material origins and processes, is well known in materials science and in forensic investigations.
The creation of a dedicated database of spectra and isotopic composition, with related advanced statistical tools to enable an expert interrogation of the database itself, is of paramount importance to enhance the possibility to solve the forensic questions and the challenges due to a bombing attack.
The proposed configuration of double technique, coupled with a digital database and algorithms, could be useful to run analysis, with fast response time, in work environment related to emergency situations.
Reference 2nd Scientific International Conference on CBRNe SICC Series 2020, Rome (Italy)
Research unit TRAC
Keywords Plastic Explosive; Raman, Digital Database; Isotope Ratio.
LastUpdate 04/03/2021
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4.2 Isotopic Traceability of products Isotopic techniques for checking product's origin

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