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Acronym Project31
Abstract Develop a sustainable network of universities and research institutes to reinforce a culture of chemical safety and security.
Large_Description 2. Raise awareness of dual-use concerns of chemical materials for academics, scientists, researchers, technicians and students. 3. Foster the exchange of information, dissemination of knowledge, transfer of best practice and design of joint initiatives, both internally and externally among network participants and national agencies. 4. Advocate for the incremental incorporation of training materials and agreed common standards on chemical safety and security, and dual-use concerns as a component of the curricula (universities) or fields of research (institutes) of the network participants.

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location Middle East
start_date 01/01/2013
end_date 31/12/2014
innovation The Project aims at contributing to the safety and security of chemical dual-use materials and processing equipment, via the reinforcement of a chemical safety, security and responsibility culture and the awareness and engagement of both expert and young chemical scientists.
Keywords National Expert Network
Development_Status Complete
Funding European
Keywords National Expert Network
S3 Area none  Traiectory  not specified
Platform none  Section not specified
Project_Type R&D
Research Unit Name Laboratory Role
NUFOC Nucleare forense e CBRN forense Home page Traceability laboratory Scientific/Technical coordinator

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S Scientific divulgation

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