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List of all research units
ResearchUnit long name Nucleare forense e CBRN forense
Laboratorio Home page Traceability laboratory
Department description Fusion and Technology for Nuclear Safety and Security Department (FSN)
Nuclear Safety, Security and Sustainability Division (SICNUC)
Methods and Techniques for Nuclear Safety, Monitoring and Traceability Laboratory (TNMT)

Safety and sustainability of nuclear fission and fusion and its non-energy applications, promoting the competitiveness of companies operating in the nuclear sector and strengthening the sustainability of nuclear applications. This is the mission of the Nuclear Safety and Sustainability Division of the FSN Department.
Unit Responsible Giuseppe Ottaviano
Related research topics
Code Topic Description
S Scientific divulgation

Area of Interest POWER
produced bibliography
Year Title Reference Publication type
2022 Fast characterization of compounds and components of explosives The European Physical Journal Plus (2022), 137, 269.
Paper International Journal with referee
2021 Anomalous measurements at sep63 ims station in june 2020: a preliminary forensic approach EGU General Assembly 2021, Vienna (Austria). Session International Monitoring System and On-site Ver... Poster International Conference with referee
2019 NUCLEAR FORENSIC: the GALAXY SERPENT v3 Exercise, the role of Geochemical dataset of Basalt minerals for NNL Countering radiological and nuclear threats - Proceedings of the 4th International CBRNe Workshop 'I... Paper International Journal with referee
2018 GALAXY SERPENT v3 Exercise 4th International CBRNe Workshop "IW CBRNe 2018"
Countering Radiological and Nuclear Threats
Poster International Conference with referee
2018 Aspetti metodologici per la sicurezza delle sorgenti radioattive: GALAXY SERPENT EXERCISE v3 ADPFISS-LP1-123... Project report or deliverable

Networks To strengthen the design, research, innovation and technology transfer capacity in the broader global context, the Traceability Laboratory develops specific RELATIONS WITH THE EUROPEAN UNION and INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS activities.
Address via Martiri di Monte Sole, 4
ZIP 40129
Town Bologna
Country Italy
Researchers, Contact persons
Outcomes and deliverables
title Paper abstract Keywords WEB Page
Neutron Active Interrogation system Safety and security

Partnership in Projects
Acronym Abstract url_reference end_date
CBRN 31/12/2030
INCLUDING INnovative CLUster for raDIological and Nuclear em(...) 31/07/2024
CBRN 2 Scientific support of ENEA for the development of (...) 17/04/2019
CBRN13 Following the assessment of the needs of and based(...) 31/12/2014
Project31 Develop a sustainable network of universities and (...) 31/12/2014
CBRN 04/01/2010

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