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The eBIZ Validator

A tool to validate electronic documents in eBIZ (Moda-ML, Shoenet, UBL eBIZ)

The aim of this tool is to check the conformance of XML instances to the specification of eBIZ-TCF data models.

  • Upstream (textile clothing footwear) data models: the conformance test is based on reference XML Schema (Moda-ML and Shoenet) plus some business rules represented through co-constraints (Schematron).
  • Downstream data models: the conformance test is based on on reference XML Schema (UBL 2.0) and use profiles of eBIZ (expressed through customised XSDs and Schematrons co-constraints )

Warning: up t0 2013-1, the XML validation is version-sensitive; you should check each document with the right XML Schema for that version; if your document has been built for version 2008-1 you should use the specific validator for that version.
After 2013-1 all the validation is backcompatible: the most recent validator accepts XML documents made with previous versions (not before 2013).

How do you identify the version of the document? You can check the version of the XML document from the few initial rows (see highlighted text):


xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.moda-ml.org/moda-ml/repository/schema/v2018-1/TEXOrder.xsd http://www.moda-ml.org/moda-ml/repository/schema/v2018-1/TEXOrder.xsd">


  • Validator for eBIZ 2.0 (2013) and eBIZ 4.0 (2018-1),

    Explanation about the usage (2013 and 2018) >>

  • Validator for previous version, eBIZ 1.0, 2008,

    Explanation about the usage (2008) >>

Please note that choosing a wrong schema (wrong type or wrong version) would cause an xml schema error on the first tag of the uploaded document, with the following message:
'Cannot find the declaration of element 'ml:xxxxxx'


WEB - Link to the validator eBIZ 2008 http://winter.bologna.enea.it/Validator/Validator.jsp?con=eBiz
WEB - Link to eBIZ 2013 Validator http://ebiz-tcf.eu/what-is-reference-architecture/
link to the web page of eBIZ Validator for eBIZ 2.0, 2013 (bottom of the web page)
WEB - Link to eBIZ 2018 Validator http://winter.bologna.enea.it/Validator/Validator.jsp?con=TCUp18
link to the web page of eBIZ Validator for eBIZ 4.0, 2018 (bottom of the web page)

This page has been developed and updated in the framework of the eBIZ-TCF and eBIZ 4.0 projects






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