Why CustomXSD?

E-Business and e-Commerce transactions are often based on the exchange of digital documents (eg orders, catalogs), which are defined by standardization organizations. These standard documents are by nature very general. This strong feature of generality creates the need for the different users of that documents to customize them according to their specific needs that often are not sufficiently expressed by the standard documents.

CustomXSD is an on-line application designed and developed to enable the consultation, navigation and customization of XML Schema documents through the introduction of simple constraints and co-constraint.

CustomXSD can be exploited by a wide set of users, but particularly it is addressed to domain expert. These users have a good knowledge about the concepts related with the domain of their expertise, but they have no knowledge about the structure, syntax and features of XML Schema.

The constraints that can be added through the CustomXSD are restrictions than those already existing in the initial document. This means that an XML document valid for the XML Schema created by CustomXSD remains valid according to the initial XML Schema. This characteristic is important to not generate documents inconsistent with the original standard documents.

In comparison to existing applications, CustomXSD aims to improve the ease of use for the user (even the least experienced), the method of visualization, navigation and manipulation of documents, the dynamic components, the high level of interactivity and especially the opportunity to express simple constraints and co-constraint through interface.
CustomXSD has been implemented by exploiting the potential of AJAX and GWT technology.

CustomXSD was implemented (and is still developed) in Java code using Eclipse and Java 1.5.

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