CustomUBL is a web application for the consultation, the exhaustive navigation and customization of UBL schema documents through the definition of simple constraints and co-constraint.

CustomUBL allows to obtain from an initial UBL schema document (maindoc) another restricted UBL schema document, but consistent with the initial document. It is therefore particularly useful for defining customized UBL documents without losing the conformity with the standard.

 Creating custom UBL schema document
Creating custom UBL schema document

The CustomUBL allows non-expert users to generate custom UBL schema documents (created from existing UBL schema document) in a way that is independent from the syntax of the language. The application controls the customizations to produce only documents in accordance with the original document.

The application is currently available in the English and Italian language.

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CustomUBL represents an alternative version, specialized in the handling of UBL documents, of the web application CustomXSD. CustomXSD represents the result of the Thesis of Specialistic Degree in Computer science of Cerminara Valentina. Title of the thesis "A tool for the addition of simple constraints and Co-Constraint to XML Schema.". References to the thesis are available on the "Documentation" page.

NOTE: at the moment CustomUBL has been developed to work perfectly with Internet Explorer. If used with other web browsers (like Mozilla Firefox or Opera), some functions of graphical components could not act properly, anyhow without to compromise the overall working.

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