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ebXML Business Process Specification Schema (ebBP or BPSS)

The ebXML Business Process Specification Schema (ebBP or BPSS) is a technical business process specification that provides a generic framework to define business collaborations, both between two parties/partners (binary) and multiparty (expressed as two or more binary collaborations).

The ebXML standard ebBP allows to describe formally, in XML, a business process.
Each business process of a collaborative framework is analysed and defined by a service unit (i.e. services sector provider).

Through ebBP it is possible to describe: ul>

  • the roles in a business process;
  • the business documents exchanged into the business process;
  • the business process organization in activities and transactions;
  • the choreography, that is the order and the conditions wherewith the business process is executed.
  • Each ebBP, common reference for a business process representation, is public and shared among enterprises.

    It is possible to see the available and public ebBP list related to Textile Clothing industry for the MODA-ML project (2008-1 version).

    The following example, defined with BPMN graphical notation, is the representation of a simple business process according to ebXML Business Process model.

     BPMN representation of a business process /moda-ml/images/Buyer-Seller-BPMN.jpg
    BPMN representation of a business process


    DOC - ebBP - ebMS Connection, a short use guide WP510-065
    Description of the connection between ebBP standard and ebMS standard in a message exchange context represented in a predefined business process. (msword, 391680 bytes, v1, 4/3/2010)
    WEB - ebBP FAQ
    WEB - ebBP Specification (v2.0.4)
    WEB - ebBP XML Schema (v2.0.4)

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