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Use MSH2 in 6 steps

1. Download MSH2

- the Standard package (it only contains MSH2) or
- the All-In-One package (it only contains .NET framework and Windows Installer)

2. Prepare Database

Prepare Microsoft SQL Server Express to work with MSH2:
- download and install SQL Server Express,
- to create DB, launch MSH2/DB_Create/CreateDb.bat

3. Install and Configure Client

Install MSH2 client. Launch MSH2 client.
Configure MSH2 client in the Options section by inserting of PartyId and SMTP&POP parameters.

4. Configure Collaboration

Configure collaboration between a party and you, to exchange XML documents.
Create or edit very quickly an ebXML CPA agreement with CPA-FastEditor.
Put the resulting CPA in MSH2/CPA/ folder.

5. Prepare document

Prepare XML document to send to business party naming it, manually or automatically, with the syntax convention, for example:

6. Send!

Send the XML document only moving it in the MSH2/Outbox/ folder!







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